Tile Removal Rockingham

Tile Removal

Tiles can be quite fragile when you’re moving heavy objects, and they can also quickly lose their shine and coating in time. If you’ve noticed that you have accidentally cracked one of your tiles, or they haven’t had the same surface that you’re used to, it may be best to call tile removal services.

The reasons behind removing your tiles don’t have to be complex; maybe you’ve just lost the attraction you once had or simply want to redecorate your space. Regardless, replacing or removing tiles cannot be executed by an untrained individual. It will be pretty complex, and the whole process requires specific equipment to carry it out.

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Tile Removal at Rockingham Tilers

Our team at Rockingham Tilers will happily assist you every step of the way! We’re highly trained and experienced professionals knowledgeable in the field, so you can trust that you can rely on us! However, regardless of our skillset, we’d still want your input and preferences whenever we create projects to ensure that you get the best tiling experience suited to your liking.

Aside from tile removal alone, we can also replace your tiles. Our team is also extensively trained in installing tiles, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of looking for another tiling service. You can just ask us to replace your tiles, and we’ll handle all the removal, designing, and installation for you.

Tile Removal Process in Rockingham

Removing the tile

Before touching the tiles, we make sure to remove the room trimming first, as these can hinder a lot of movement. They’re along the walls of the room, so the area would be hard to reach if the edges are still covered. Moreover, removing these temporarily can reduce any risk of damaging them permanently.

After removing the trimming, our tilers will attempt to remove the tiles by chiselling its edges with a blunt hammer. Doing this will lift the tile, therefore detaching it from the floor. This method seems easy and doable to an ordinary person; however, the process definitely requires precision and accuracy to execute.

We avoid cracking or shattering the tiles at all costs as these can be very difficult to clean. Moreover, these can also damage the subfloor itself, which makes it complicated to install new tilesーyou’d have to repair the subfloor first before installing new tiles. This is not only time-consuming but also cost-inefficient. 

Removing the underlayment

More often than not, some clients prefer to install underlayment before the tiling process itself to give the tiles added grip. Underlayment would prevent the tiles from being dislocated or damaged, and a lot of our clients deem it worth the extra time and money. If you’ve previously installed these, we’ll need to remove them too before reinstalling your floor. 


The whole process would be quite messy and dusty at first, and there may be small scrap tiles lying around the floor. It will be a hassle and overall bad experience for you if we keep it like that. A considerable number of people might also have allergic reactions to the residual dust and particles, so our team will ensure to clean your whole floor for you. Formore, getting new tiles installed will also require a smooth and bare floor, so we’ll also smoothen out any bumps on the surface to prepare it for installation.