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Kitchen Tiling

The kitchen is probably one of the most vital rooms in your home一it’s where all the food is, after all. Not only do your household members go there more than once a day, but the kitchen also serves as a welcoming place for your visitors. You can let them into your homes, offer them food and drinks, and guide them through your kitchen. 

At Rockingham Tiling, we believe that everybody has to invest time and money into their kitchens as we need to ensure their durability and longevity. Evidently, we visit and use it more than the other rooms of the house, so we need to keep it clean and sanitary, as well. 

Moreover, we keep the majority of our food in the kitchen, so we really need to pick easily cleaned surfaces. Kitchen tiling is one of the best options for you! Having tiling done is an affordable and cost-effective way to ensure a durable and low-maintenance experience. 

It’s also quick一you just need to get a quote down below, and our team at Rockingham Tiling will guide you through all the steps! We’ll prioritise your tastes and preferences to provide you with whatever style you think suits your kitchen, and we’ll ensure that we give you the best options available for you. 

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Waterproofing, Anti-Stain Sealing and Caulking

After getting the best designs and styles for your kitchen’s aesthetic, it would be a shame for the tiles to be stained with water, oil, and other material right away. For this, our team offers waterproofing, anti-stain sealing, and caulking after installing your tiles so that the tiles can be more durable and low maintenance.

Custom Design Splashback Wall and Countertops

Since the kitchen is where you cook all of your meals, there may be different liquids and particles that can splash across the surfaces. To avoid damages and ensure your tiles’ longevity, we offer custom splashback for your walls and countertops. These are customisable as well, so our team can just follow your current style, and you’re good to go!

Kitchen Floor Tiling

Not only do you have to consider your walls and countertops, but you also have to think about the durability of your floor. Water and other liquids can easily stain and grow mould on the corners of the room if you’re not careful, so you can avoid that by picking an easily wipeable floor.

Some mops and cleaning materials can also damage your floorboards if their properties aren’t compatible, so you really have to ensure that you pick the suitable material for durability. Tiles are one of the best options for that as our team can also add finishes to avoid splashes, stains and water on top of just installing your tiled floors.

Full Kitchen Renovations

Getting a complete kitchen renovation will ensure that the style and quality of every surface are consistent. Our tiling and design teams can guide you through the whole process of improving your tile choices, and you wouldn’t even have to worry about the aesthetic as we can assist you with it. We’ll advise the best out of the variety of equipment and tiles that we offer.

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