Commercial Tiling Rockingham

Commercial Tiling

If you’d like to decorate your commercial space subtly and affordably, commercial tiling may be the solution for you! It’s undeniable that you’d instead create an engaging environment for your customers to stay in. Moreover, it might even attract new people into your establishments.

Tiles are also a great choice if you want to save up on more labour as you don’t need to have them cleaned regularly. When you do need to get them cleaned, you just have to use soap, water, and a mop; you don’t need any special materials. Unlike many other materials, you also don’t need to invest in other varnishes to keep them shiny regularly.

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Commercial Tiling at Rockingham Tilers

At Rockingham Tiling, we believe that tiling is one of the best instalments to invest in. They’re easy to maintain, clean, and repair. More than that, they’re easily customisable to suit the aesthetic of your place. You can always call our friendly team so that we can assist you properly. We’ll listen to all of your concerns and preferences, and we’ll make sure to execute them to the best extent. 

Ceramic Tiles

If you prefer a hard surface that’s relatively easy to clean, ceramic tiles are an excellent option for you! They’re made by putting a mixture of water, clay, and other materials together at a high temperature to harden, which makes them extremely dense and compact. Because of these, they are not susceptible to any kind of moisture.

Aside from that, this type of density also avoids bacterial infections and absorption, so rest assured that your building will be safe and dirt-free. These properties make ceramic tiles the best for restaurants as ceramic tiles are also insusceptible to heat, stains, germs and water, which is ideal as food is primarily present in these buildings.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are among the most robust and most durable options for you as they can withstand a lot of stress and weight. If you’re in an area wherein the customers and staff continuously move, then seriously consider these. Vinyl tiles are made of polymer, which is a highly durable and tough material.

Moreover, they’re also incredibly customisable, which adds aesthetic value to your area to attract customers. Vinyl tiles have so much variety and are incredibly mouldable and versatile, so you can really get them in whatever shape, colour, and form that would suit your place.

They’re also relatively cost-effective and affordable, so if you want to tile a large space in your property, vinyl tiles are the way to go! It’s a great way to create a uniform space without spending a lot of your budget.

Marble Tiles

Just like the ceramic tiles, marble tiles are also extremely dense, so they can also withstand moisture and won’t absorb germs and bacteria. They’re also really easy to clean as their surfaces are smooth and almost varnished. If you want a more luxurious feel to your property, consider getting marble tiles installed to provide your customers with an expensive experience without even spending a lot of money.