How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Splashback

Kitchen splashbacks are more than just a stunning kitchen element. It makes your kitchen more functional and protects your walls from food particles or oil splatters or spills. There is a large selection of materials, textures, and styles to choose from. With that being said, choosing a kitchen splashback is not an easy task. Your chosen design will need to complement other kitchen elements for consistency.

At Rockingham Tiling, we offer a large selection of tiles that will seamlessly blend in with your kitchen’s design. Choosing the perfect splashback will make your kitchen more stunning and functional. Here are some tips on how to choose the right splashback for your kitchen:

Choosing the Material for Your Splashback

Some of the most commonly used materials for kitchen splashbacks are tiles, glass, pressed metal, and stainless steel. The most popular among homeowners is tiles. Because it has endless design options and styles that will suit every need and budget.

A great alternative to tile is pressed metal which gives your kitchen a traditional look. Glass is also a stunning option. It matches seamlessly with any design and is easy to clean. It also makes small kitchens appear bigger because of their reflective qualities.

However, you should not focus on visual appeal when choosing the right material for your splashback. For instance, mosaic tiles are elegant but can be hard to clean and maintain. Consistency is also the key. We recommend you opt for the same material as your benchtop or countertop.

Choose a Style to Complement Other Kitchen Elements

When it comes to kitchen design, it’s vital to find a style that will complement the design of the other kitchen elements. The design will also depend on the material you choose. For instance, if you prefer a glass splashback, a mirrored glass will add more visual and aesthetic appeal. While tiles offer an array of textures, designs, and colours. Large tiles make a stunning centrepiece, while small tiles will give a classic look.

Deciding the Colour to Use

Once you already finished selecting the material for your countertop or cabinets, your choices for the colour of your splashback will be narrowed down. The colour of your countertops should complement your splashback. If you prefer your countertop to be the centre of attention, then choose a minimal look for your splashback.

If you have a neutral colour for your countertops, you can add some colour to the splashback to make it the focal point of the kitchen. If you’re aiming for a consistent look, select a colour that has a similar tone to your countertops. Contrasting colours such as black and white will look good too.


The right splashback will help you prevent dirt, grime, and grease build-up on your kitchen walls. You have endless designs and material options to choose from for your splashback. We know that it can be hard to select the right material. If you need professional advice on splashbacks, our team at Rockingham Tiling would be happy to guide you!

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