3 Ways to Achieve an Art Deco Look

Nowadays, homeowners are going after modern design. You don’t see an art deco inspired look every day. Vibrant colours and eye-popping visuals are uncommon because people nowadays prefer minimalist designs.

Art deco designs are beautiful and stylish, however, some people don’t have enough knowledge on how to achieve it. The good news is, choosing the perfect tiles will help you achieve an art deco design.

What is an Art Deco?

“Art Deco” came from the word Arts Decoratifs. During the 1920s, designers are using modern ideas when creating furniture, jewellery, and interior design. During this period, people are leaning towards modernism and new technologies.

Art deco designs are described as extravagant and opulent. Oftentimes, designs are connected to culture. This means that the trends, social norms, and technologies are contributing factors to the fashion and design trends in that certain period of time.

Common Patterns and Features

Art deco designs are known for their extravagant features. It is also referred to as eclectic because of the various shapes, lines, and exotic details it offers.

Here are some of the common patterns and features of an art deco design:

Horizontal and vertical lines


Geometric shapes

Sweeping curves

Ornate interiors

Elaborate details

Tiles Used to Achieve an Art Deco Look

Achieving an art deco look is not as hard as it looks. The key to achieving this is by carefully choosing an indoor or outdoor tile that will achieve this certain style.

Cement Look Tiles

You might be wondering how cement ended up on this list, right? Well, cement offers an industrial element that brings people back in time. Additionally, it offers a stunning and beautiful appearance.

Choosing cement look tiles for your interior can be difficult. You have to balance the art deco and industrial elements to achieve a perfect look.

Marble Look

Marble has a fine and natural finish. Its design and patterns are extravagant and it also has vibrant colours. This makes marble tiles a perfect inspiration for an art deco design.

Terrazo Design

Terrazzo is composed of marble, granite, glass, or quartz. It is mixed with a binder such as polymeric, cement-based, or a combination of both.

Terrazzo designs have the striking characteristics of an art deco style—it’s visually appealing, vibrant, and heavily patterned. Terrazzo designs are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. You can also use it as a wall decoration.

Most homeowners and commercial properties are going for terrazzo flooring because it can easily blend in any modern design. Aside from that, terrazzo is made from recycled materials. Making it an attractive choice for eco-friendly homeowners.


Achieving an art deco design can be overwhelming because of the wide selection of vibrant colours, patterns, and shapes. Nowadays, you can use tiles that can bring out an art deco style.

Do you think an art deco style is for you? Here at Rockingham Tiling, we offer a wide selection of tiles. Our tiles come in a variety of colours, textures, and styles. If you’re looking for professional advice, our team is happy to help!

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